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From Proofreading to Life Coaching, the New Zealand Institute of Business Studies has been teaching people the skills to help them develop personal and financial self-reliance for over 25 years!

We teach 17 different, specialised courses. With all of them, you’ll learn how to earn a worthwhile income working from home, doing something you enjoy! It doesn’t matter where you live, or how old you are; our previous graduates range in age from 18 to 79!

Download any of the course prospectuses from the Courses menu to get full information on those that interest you. There is absolutely NO OBLIGATION.

If you have any questions, please don’t hestitate to call or email us. We’re here to help.

We look forward to seeing you as a student with a refreshed view of LIFE.


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Learn how to earn an income working from home. The Institute has been giving adults a second opportunity at a new career since 1991, by teaching people the skills to become financially self-reliant.

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Every course is home study which means no travelling to classes. Most training leads to you having your own small business. Course durations are usually 6 to 12 months and you can work as fast or as slow as suits your lifestyle…

If you love the English language; if “speelling misteaks” jump off the page at you; if you can recognise a clumsy sentence construction – and you know how to fix it; if you know the difference between there/their/they’re, and your/you’re – you could get paid for doing proofreader and editor jobs at home. Your clients will likely be book and/or magazine publishers, website managers, people in businesses which produce lots of documents.

We show you how to do everything, including setting up your own business which you operate at home. More Info

This training course shows you how to use the skills and experiences you have accumulated during your lifetime – to become a paid professional Life Coach. More Info
In the past, getting a book published was an expensive and complex process. Not now. Today, fiction writers have the opportunity to self-publish on Amazon. We show you how.

Select the writing course that you prefer from the Course menu for more information.

The digital age has produced a range of new jobs for digital camera users. But very few camera users know how to turn photos or videos into income-earners. We know how, and we can teach you the steps!

Select the photography course that you prefer from the Course menu for more information.

Student Spotlight.

Student Spotlight

Gerald Sandrey – Author

His publisher printed 600 copies and they all sold within six weeks.
[That’s worth a round of applause for Gerald. Well done.] Read More →

FREE WordPress Course.

ALL STUDENTS who enrol for any of our courses will also be given FREE access to our new 20 video tutorial course on how to: setup, use and maintain a WordPress website! Ideal for setting up your new business website.

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