Learn how to earn an income working at home.

heraldic_lion_rampantWe teach self-reliance. Learn how to earn a worthwhile income working at home – wherever you live. We teach ten different, specialised writing courses (three Journalism related and seven Fiction Writing), PLUS: Proofreading & Editing, Digital Photography and Life Coaching. Next training begins March 9.

Every course is home study with no classes to attend and no travelling. Most training leads to you having your own business working at home – as much or as little as you want to. Choose your own hours. Set your own income level.

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These days the Internet and being ‘online’ is a major part of normal business life. Your new employer is only an email away.

Our training courses are for adults looking to expand their range of work options. Proofreaders and writers and photographers can work for local or UK book publishers, newspapers, magazines, ezines, website builders, specialised businesses etc. It’s your choice.

Some people are starting exciting new careers. A fresh life completely! Blogs, websites, eCommerce, iPads, smartphones, social networking, (and various other mobile devices) means our courses now provide the training for paid work opportunities that didn’t exist a few years ago!

The Institute shows you where the real jobs are. Lists of real jobs are posted and refreshed three times each week for our students and graduates! This is a unique service in tertiary education. Learn, then earn.

Journalism graduates who were previously limited to working for the ‘local rag’ or a daily newspaper by where they live, now have worldwide options. The Internet has brought us together as a ‘global village of world citizens’. It’s exciting to be part of it.


The digital age has produced a range of digital camera users, but very few users know how to turn their photos or videos into an income. We know how, and we can teach you the steps!

Proofreading & Editing has become a major required skill in this technological age. All sorts of documents (both online and printed on paper) are being created in their millions every year. They all need a skilled proofreader to ensure 100% accuracy.

Apart from conventional novels, magazines, manuals and newspaper articles that need to be checked, there are websites, blogs, online shopping pages, company reports, advertising material, webinar pages, PowerPoint pages, PDFs…  the list is practically endless. They all require the trained eye of a professional proofreader.

If you are the type of person who can spot a spelling ‘misteak’ at a thousand paces – and you think txt speak is NOT gr8, or 4u (and that it’s killing the English language)… then you should use this course to help us fix the errors found in published works.

It’s fun and you’ll get paid to do so!

In the past, getting a book published was an expensive and complex process. Not now. Today, budding fiction writers have the opportunity to self-publish on Amazon, and for a fraction of the cost.

There is an old saying that is still true: “Everyone has a book in them.”  But most people never get around to writing it because they never take the first step and try.

Could you produce a book in your spare time? Don’t die wondering!

Please take the opportunity to browse through the courses we offer. Download the prospectus that appeals to you. Just put your name and email in the box below and click SUBMIT.

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P.S Remember to check our FREE WordPress course which is available to all students who enrol for a course during 2014.