Freelance Digital Photography Course.


You don’t need academic qualifications to be a good photographer. Just the desire to improve your picture-making techniques. Remember, every successful photographer was once a complete beginner. Success is simply a matter of knowing what to do.

This course is for digital SLR camera users. Or do you have a digital camera that has manual controls for setting aperture and shutter speed? Great! This course is all about taking better quality photographs and knowing how to get the most out of your camera. Any brand. Old or new.


The course is conducted by correspondence (home study), in simple non-jargon plain English. Your tutor is an experienced expert. You’ll see the improvement in your photos as you progress through the exercises. That’s guaranteed. You can live anywhere.

Photography can be a fun hobby, and a significant second-income earner. Whether you are a novice or a reasonably competent photographer, this is where you can learn in one year what most photographers take a lifetime to know. 

Freelance Digital PhotographyThis course is also for new photographers who want to know how to get paid for their photos. Thousands of photographs are purchased every day from local freelance photographers for use in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world. Whenever you see (c) copyright on a photo – someone is getting a nice royalty. That could be YOU! As you’ll discover, photography can be a hobby or a rewarding business that goes far beyond merely taking snaps.

By the time you complete this freelance photography course, you will have an intimate understanding of photography – and the business opportunities.

Soon, when friends comment on your photos, you can say “Yes, it took me a year but I learned how to be a freelance photographer. Now I’m in business!”

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Tutor Profile.

Chas lives in Auckland and is the creator of the photography course. He is an experienced art director at both secondary and tertiary levels, specialising in photography and graphic design. He has wide experience in photography, having worked as a freelance photojournalist in South East Asia during the turbulent 70’s. He has a particular interest in digital photography and its applications in commercial and fine art gallery photographs.

Chas travels extensively and has operated his own design business during time away from teaching, in both Auckland and Queenstown, specialising in design for print, photography and web pages. He has worked with renowned equestrian photographer Trudy Nicholson on her new book ‘A Way With Horses’ published by Tandem Press.

Besides photography, Chas is a family man, surfer, mountain biker and landscape painter whose art is sold in galleries.

Chas Foxall

What You’ll Learn.

1. Getting Started

2. Controlling Your Camera

3. Portraits & Light Meters

4. Weddings & Glamour

5. Still Life & Food

6. Photo Journalism

7. Marketing Photos

8. CV & Portfolio


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We have been operating since 1991 and have thousands of graduates all over the world. Our courses are conducted by correspondence. You decide when and where you study. The course material (including books) is sent to you, and you submit your assignments regularly. You don’t have to take time off work or travel to classes.