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If you love the English language; if “speelling misteaks” jump off the page at you; if you can recognise a clumsy sentence construction – and you know how to fix it; if you know the difference between there/their/they’re, and your/you’re – you could get paid for doing proofreader and editor jobs at home. Your clients will likely be book and/or magazine publishers, website managers, people in businesses which produce lots of documents.

We show you how to do everything, including setting up your own business which you operate at home.

This home study training course has 12 tutorials and assignments. Each one takes you a step closer to being a qualified professional. Newspapers, magazines, eBooks, blogs, websites, biography manuscripts … There are more opportunities for proofreaders and editors to have paid work today than there has ever been! We live in fortunate times. Suddenly the world of publishing is as close as your computer. Qualified proofreaders are in demand.


Where you live, your age and your health are not constraints. Basically, the people who give out proofreading work don’t care. All they want to know is: “Can you proofread 5000 words about xyz topic by 5pm Tuesday?”

You’ll agree on a fee (which depends on the size of the task, its complexity, urgency etc). Some jobs are simple, while others are technically more demanding. That’s why the pay rate differs from one job to the next. You may decline work you don’t want to do.

If you think this kind of work is exciting, interesting, and mentally stimulating, you’re right. Once you’re doing* it – and you’ll start doing relatively easy proofreading tasks to begin with – you’ll find it becomes engrossing and rewarding. Editing is the next rung up the ladder.

*We have step-by-step instructions (Reports 1020 and 1090) which show you HOW to make your initial contact with publishers and WHERE to find the ones who publish material about YOUR PREFERRED TOPICS. For example, are you familiar with the trade/industry/professional jargon people use in the health/nursing world? Legal terms? Horses? Gardening? Cooking? Crafts? Dogs? Bible? Boats? Or 999 other topics.

The Internet has created a unique geographical advantage for proofreaders. Sending a document across the world (which previously took weeks), now takes only seconds! So proofreading and editing work that was once restricted to nearby suppliers is now sent anywhere in the world. So where YOU live doesn’t matter.


You can learn how to be a professional proofreader in less than a year. Study at home.

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You Receive.

  • Tutoring from New Zealand industry experts

  • Course books, folder and stationery pack

  • Printed copies of all course materials

  • Cutting edge eLearning systems for online learning option

  • Access to online forums to network with other students and tutors

  • Support from admin staff to help you through the learning experience

  • Training from a trusted distance learning institute with over 30 years of experience

Tutor Profile.

Dick Ward, your proofreading and editing tutor arrived from the UK in 1989 with his wife and family, looking for fresh challenges in a new land. In Britain, he taught English, Social Studies and Economics to apprentices and adults studying for university. He also headed a team of specialist social workers.

In New Zealand Dick held a teaching and research post at Manawatu Polytechnic (UCOL) and ran creative writing courses. After winning a creative writing competition, he started writing a humorous newspaper column, which ran weekly for ten years. Meanwhile, he became sole journalist and sub-editor on a weekly Wanganui newspaper. Thence to editor of another community paper, Ruapehu Press. Hands-on writing and editing is his strength. Training new people is his passion.

Now Dick does assorted freelance writing work, is associate-editor of an events industry magazine, proofreader and sub-editor of an on-line tourist trade magazine. He is a lifestyle block farmer with 11 acres for sheep, dairy goats, poultry, and a friendly donkey. He is helped by his wife Wendy.

    Dick Ward

    Val Gyde

      With an early professional background as a secondary educator, Val Gyde has over twenty years’ experience as a senior manager in both private and public tertiary education institutions. These roles provided her with extensive insights into, and capabilities with, the production, editing and publication of commercial education resources in a range of written and electronic formats; completion of research, preparation of curriculum documents, NZQA submissions and applications; and copywriting for a broad range of business documentation, including proposals, annual reports, prospectuses and newsletters.

      As a strong advocate of lifelong learning, she holds a Master’s degree (first class honours) and a professional editing qualification (with excellence). Her areas of particular professional interest are Education (Teaching and Learning Theory, Curriculum Design, Educational Psychology, E-Learning); Business (Organisation and Management, Human Resources, Educational Management and Administration); the Arts (Visual, Music and Performance, Art History); and Design (Graphic, Digital Technologies). Located in sunny Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, Val is now a Director of her own company, providing proofreading and copyediting services to a range of businesses.

      Atholl Robertson has a keen interest in mentoring and believes that the learning process never stops. Atholl completed MA in English at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland. He also has a Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from The University of Auckland and is a chartered engineer with more than 40 years’ industrial experience in mechanical and electrical engineering. He is a NZIBS-qualified proofreader and editor.

      He has extensive experience in drafting and editing of technical documents, multidisciplinary academic publications, dissertations and theses. He has worked extensively with and mentored people for whom English is a second language.

      Atholl moved from the UK to New Zealand in 1994 but has since spent much time working overseas; in Japan, the Middle East, the UK and Australia. Back in NZ, he now does contract engineering assignments, thesis and journal editing, and blog and website editing. His other interests are literature, classical music and matters celestial. He lives on Auckland’s North Shore with his wife Cathy.

        Atholl Robertson

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        We have been operating for more than 25 years and have thousands of graduates all over the world. Our courses are conducted by correspondence. You decide when and where you study. The course material (including books) is sent to you, and you submit your assignments regularly. You don't have to take time off work or travel to classes.