How To Write Poetry Course.


Serious poems, fun poems, love ballads, children’s nonsense poems, all kinds of poetry…

If you enjoy reading poetry, this is the training course which shows you – may I call you the novice poet? – how to develop your skills from scribbler to accomplished poetry writer. The training takes about a year, but you can go faster or slower. By the time you graduate you will have a collection of poems completed.

Some should be good enough to be published in magazines or on greeting cards. Or you could put a book of your poems on Amazon. You decide what happens to your own work. You own the copyright 100%. Indie publishing is an exciting new option.

Each of the ten tutorials teaches you something new and exciting about writing poetry. For instance, which is stronger: “She was as beautiful as a rose…” or “Roses wilted in shame as she passed by…”? (Tutor’s tip: Use more nouns and verbs. Use fewer adjectives.)


Your personal tutor will help you get started and then guide you with constructive feedback and helpful advice.

Most people have made a start at writing poetry and many give up in frustration. Welcome back. No poet should struggle alone. Just follow the steps prepared for you – as you would a roadmap.

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You Receive.

  • Tutoring from New Zealand industry experts

  • Course books, folder and stationery pack

  • Printed copies of all course materials

  • Cutting edge eLearning systems for online learning option

  • Access to online forums to network with other students and tutors

  • Support from admin staff to help you through the learning experience

  • Training from a trusted distance learning institute with over 30 years of experience

Tutor Profile.

Janice Marriott has published in a wide range of genres for children and adults and won prizes for her poetry. She has been writing poems and poetry blogs for several years.

Janice has been a Writer-in-residence twice, the first Foxton Fellow and a member of the NZ Institute of Manuscript Assessors. She has been awarded the 2018 Margaret Mahy Medal. She has published autobiographical life style books, Common Table, Common Ground, Common Lives, Changing Lives, novels and children’s books, including Thor’s Tale (winner of the NZ Post Junior Children’s Best Book Award) and CROSSROADS (winner of the Aim Children’s Best Book of the Year Award).

Besides writing stories and regular columns for magazines, plays for radio, and documentaries, Janice has written scores of informative and educational stories for children of all ages.

Janice Marriott

What You'll Learn.

1.Getting Started

2. What’s Your Poem About?

3. Using Sensory Images

4. Words & More Words

5. Rhyme & Rhythm

6. Writing Humorous Verse

7. Different Poetry Forms

8. Sonnets and Ballads

9. Analyse Famous Poems

10. Poems for Children

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