Our Money Back Guarantee is for your protection

Student fees are for the duration of the course, which is deemed to be one year following your starting date. If you have not completed your course by this time, a further term of studentship can be granted at the discretion of the Principal. Normally the course can be extended at no extra cost but additional fee may be required based on the student’s performance and consistency. Please ensure that you contact the office within the one-year period to arrange an extension.

Fees do not include computer or photographic equipment. A GST receipt will be issued for all fees paid.

Terms & Conditions

It is mutually agreed:

  1. New Zealand-based students may examine the first tutorials of the course for 28 days.
    • If you decide for any reason whatsoever not to proceed you will receive a refund less course deposit (as the initial pack costs), if you have paid your fees in full.
    • If a deposit only has been paid the student will keep the supplied pack and no more fees are payable. The studentship contract will be deemed cancelled.
  2. You can live anywhere and still study with NZIBS. Overseas-based students must pay their course fee in full when they begin training. There is no discount or refund. The fee includes international postage of course material, books and graduation diploma.
  3. NZIBS reserves the right to decline this application in which case all money paid will be refunded. If your application is accepted by the Institute, you undertake to make full payment of course fees in the manner described.
  4. At the successful conclusion of this course, provided you have met the required standards of tuition, you will receive your graduation documentation from the Institute.
  5. If the Examining Board decides that graduation standard has not been achieved, the course will be extended at no cost for a further period of tuition determined by your tutor.
    • If even after further tuition the Examination Board determines that graduation standard cannot be achieved, your course fees will be refunded in full.
    • It is agreed that to be eligible for a refund, students must complete the course and demonstrate that they have made a reasonable effort to their tutor’s satisfaction. The Institute cannot accept responsibility for any changes in personal circumstances, including work commitments, once the course commences.
    • Course fees and deposits are not otherwise refundable.
  6. It is mutually agreed that upon the refund of course fees the Institute has no further liability or obligation to the student.
  7. It is agreed that students must submit their own work. Any form of plagiarism found will incur a written warning. Should the plagiarism continue, the student will be excluded from the course with no entitlement  to a refund.