Freelance Travelwriting & Photography Course.


This training course introduces you to the exciting world of being a paid travel writer and freelance photojournalist where you’ll learn how to earn money while you travel. Or you can stay home and write about where you live for local or foreign newspapers, blogs, websites and travel magazines.

Editors of travel-related books, magazines and websites rely on freelance travel writers like YOU to supply this travel material. Words and photos. Think about this: every month they need FRESH and up-to-date travel material. Someone has to write it. Someone gets paid for writing it.

YOU can become that person.

This training course shows you how to write for this huge worldwide market. If you’re a keen (but novice) writer or amateur photographer, you’ll soon learn how to become a part-time travel writer and travel photographer. It’s a great second income earner.


This course shows you how to get fresh ideas for travel stories. You’ll learn how to turn ideas into articles and features that get published. You’ll see YOUR NAME in the byline. When they are published, you get paid. How much depends on where they appear.

You’ll learn the business aspects of selling your COPY to foreign editors. Get paid in NZ$, UK£, US$ etc.

Being a ‘foreign correspondent’ is fun. This is when a faraway editor asks you to write 500 words or so about something that’s happening right where you live. You might review an art exhibition, visiting concert or show. Maybe try a new travel service. Travel writers don’t have to travel away from home all the time.

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Please email ([email protected]) or call if you have any questions. Toll Free: 0800 80 1994 International: +64 9 272 3974.


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You Receive.

  • Tutoring from New Zealand industry experts

  • Course books, folder and stationery pack

  • Printed copies of all course materials

  • Cutting edge eLearning systems for online learning option

  • Access to online forums to network with other students and tutors

  • Support from admin staff to help you through the learning experience

  • Training from a trusted distance learning institute with over 30 years of experience

Tutor Profile.

Jill has been editor of six magazines covering architecture, travel and lifestyle. These include Aorangi, AA Traveller, Third Age, Home & Building, Motorhomes, Caravans & Destinations, and the Air New Zealand inflight magazine – of which she was the editor for 11 years. She has also been a freelance contributor to many New Zealand and overseas publications and written four travel books. Her book ‘At Home On The Road’ won the inaugural Whitcoulls Travel Book of the Year award.

Jill was the joint founder and a past president of the New Zealand Travel Writers Association. She has travelled widely in New Zealand, Australia, South America, Europe, Great Britain, North America Africa, India, China and Indo-China. Jill tutored in travel writing and creative writing at University of Auckland Continuing Education for many years.

She is a popular guest lecturer at tertiary venues around New Zealand and she now tutors NZIBS students in Freelance Journalism and Travel Writing & Photography. Many students who have attended Jill Malcolm’s training courses have gone on to enjoy their own successes in publishing.

Jill Malcolm

What You'll Learn.

1. An Introduction To Freelance Travel Writing & Photography

2. What You Need To Succeed.

3. Equipment Needs.

4. Selling Yourself & Your Work.

5. All About Style.

6. HouseStyle & Other Conventions.

7. Story Starts, Endings & The Bits In Between.

8. Quotes, Dialogue & Dealing With People.

9. Research & Information Sources.

10. Defamation & Copyright.

11. The Words & Pictures Package.

12. The Travel Journalist’s Newspaper Market.

13. The Magazine Market.

14. Writing For The Electronic Media.

15. Beyond The Mainstream Market.

16. A Final Review Of The Basics – Then Forward To Success.

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