How to Meet New Friends in a Crowded Room

Use patience, time and humour to convert a chance encounter into a mutually beneficial relationship. Here are a few suggestions for planting friendship seeds that may grow into oaks. As a businessperson, you’ll likely get many invitations to trade shows, conferences and other invitation-only events. Executives from your own company might be there, so might key people of other organisations. … Read More

How You Can Prepare Yourself to WIN

A questioning mind is alert to change, is constantly in search of facts, relates facts to situations and projects them into a myriad of future possibilities. A questioning mind views interruptions and reversals as challenges, opportunities, and seeks relationships between facts, situations and people. Sharpening your strengths and skills through continuing education is an essential task for anyone who wants … Read More

The importance of being YOU

It was in the form of a question: ‘Is this as good as it gets?’ I had a great job, a house – albeit with a small mortgage, sure I was divorced but I had the privilege of having my daughter live with me [plenty of challenges there!], but I was not personally content. I was going through the motions … Read More

How to Write Your First Mystery Story

The best way to test the mystery story writing rules listed is to read widely in the mystery genre. See how others use them – or how and when they get away with breaking them. Because readers are playing a kind of game when they read a detective novel, planning your plot has to come first, above everything else. Make … Read More

14 Different Ways to Write a Travel Article

One experienced travel writer found 14 different ways to write a travel article. Try them! This type of article is usually written in the first-person. However, editors tend to reject personal experience pieces from novice writers because they have a tendency to be boring. Readers are only interested in what happened to you if it might affect them. Write your … Read More