This training programme is for entrepreneurs who want to sell stuff all over the world on the Internet.

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Do you enjoy working at home?

Do you want your own website which is a worldwide business where people buy your stuff and you keep the profits?

Have you put off starting because you don’t know how to begin?

You’re at the right place

If you share my entrepreneurial mind-set you’ll want to create successful websites that make money. Websites? Yes, once you’ve learned HOW to build one Internet website business you can repeat the process as many times as you like.

I know some people can set up a new website in five minutes flat. Plenty of places offer this mechanical process. There are millions of orphan websites on the Internet and every one of them is a monthly COST. The only people making money are the website hosts who charge you money every month.

Owning a website is easy. Owning a website that makes money is both simple and complicated. The mechanical process is simple but getting your website to earn a steady income for you even while you sleep is a bit more complicated. You need to know what you’re doing.
Yet, lots of ordinary people have done this. Their websites make money while they sleep, play golf, or go fishing.

I’ve prepared five tutorials which take you through the process of setting up a profitable website – starting with just an idea.
You are about to discover the most exciting and complete website-business-building training package ever offered about selling stuff on the Internet.

I’m talking worldwide sales that go on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, never stopping – not even for holidays.

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It doesn’t matter where you live; it doesn’t matter whether you’re 18 or 81; it doesn’t matter whether you failed at school and it doesn’t matter if you have health problems.

What does matter is that you’re willing to put your energy into starting an Internet business.

I’ll lead the way. You follow my steps. I’ve already done all the things you’ll be doing.
Here’s the big difference. When I set up my first Internet website businesses I had to learn a bit from here, a bit from there and then cobble it all together. I didn’t have a coach. It was difficult and I made some mistakes.
Whereas, you will have a coach, tutor, mentor, Internet guru.

I’ve provided this service for my clients since 2003. We all know how far selling stuff on the Internet has progressed since then. Every day brings new opportunities.

Yes, you will pay to be my student on this journey. Not a lot, and considerably less than you’d spend setting up a High Street shop with rent, painting the place, fixtures and fittings, display cabinets, special lighting, cleaning, insurance, signs, staff etc.

As my apprentice you’ll appreciate my guarantee.

My guarantee is simple, it says:

“YOU BE THE JUDGE. If you say I haven’t shown you all the steps you need to build a successful website business on the Internet, simply ask for a 100% refund.” 
I wish all guarantees were that simple and that generous. I hope you’ll agree, “That’s an incredibly generous offer”.[purchase_link id=”1856″ style=”button” color=”blue” text=”Click here to purchase the FULL Course”]

I’m also offering you the FIRST PART of the training programme for only $1. Because I want you to see exactly what it’s like.
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By the time you graduate from this training course you will know more about Internet marketing and how to sell stuff than 99% of all business owners – small or large.

* * * *

Feedback from the NZIBS Internet Entrepreneur course graduate, Debra Bradley.

Q: What was your experience with the Google Analytics tool? What useful information did you glean?

Using a ‘NZ Cities’ shortcut helped me to focus on my most significant website visitors, rather than becoming overwhelmed with too much detail. It’s useful to know the location of website visitors, and how long they spent on my website. It was particularly useful to find out when people in particular regions (whom I have recently contacted directly) have visited my website. That is GOLD to know.

Finding out which page people are landing on at my websites was especially useful. I was able to discover whether they were prompted by ads or blog or Google or a mention or endorsement of me on someone else’s page. I also found out how many pages they visited (on average) and the bounce rate. This was also valuable. Debra Bradley, Nelson.

Here’s what you’ll learn in

Tutorial ONE
•    Web marketing 101 – traffic + conversion = sales
•    The ‘Most Wanted Response’. This is the most important part of your website
•    How to write words that SELL
•    How to find your own USP, Unique Selling Proposition
•    The secret of how to sell anything and everything on the Internet

Tutorial TWO
•    What you need to know about e-commerce sites
•    It’s time to borrow good ideas from other successful websites
•    How to build TRUST with your website
•    Long sales pages: Should you use them?

Tutorial THREE
•    What a successful website looks like
•    How important is graphic design in your website’s success
•    How to create an effective ‘landing page’
•    How to write the words for your website in 60 minutes

Tutorial FOUR
•    Traffic is the lifeblood of your Internet business
•    How to build an email database that will be worth its weight in gold
•    Do you need a blog? Yes, here’s why …
•    How to market your business with integrity and personality

Tutorial FIVE
•    How to get traffic from paid search advertising
•    How to write pay-per-click ads that get results
•    Web analytics –tracking and measuring your visitors
•    Letterheads, business cards, flyers and invoices
•    What you need to know BEFORE you hire a website designer
•    NZIBS Diploma. Graduating Dip Web gives you credibility

After you have studied the information in each tutorial please complete all the assignments which accompany it, email it to your tutor.

There is a Q&A page with every tutorial. Every question you ask gets an answer from your personal tutor. Yes, a human! There’s plenty of opportunity to get feedback from your tutor.
Doing your assignments and getting feedback is how you make steady progress.

Take your time. Set your own pace. The training course is deemed to be ONE YEAR from when you begin.
There is no fixed time for you to complete each tutorial and its assignments. However, completing one tutorial every 2-3 weeks is a reasonable target, especially if you work 40 hours p/w already.

You will have the knowledge and techniques to create websites that generate sales. We will start with your own product sales at first. Later, you’ll be able to apply what you learn by taking on clients who will pay you to do what they don’t know how to do.
You’ll be able to set up a second business as a website consultant or as a website maker.

That’s your first BONUS. Yes, you’ll be able to build a business website for other people and charge a consultant’s fee for what you do.

I’m not into fantasy or get-rich-quick. This is thorough computer skills training.

Positive results take time. Please allow yourself about 5 hours a week for ten weeks.

You’ll learn how to write interesting sales COPY which will help prospects find the information they need. The words you write will convert them from being inquisitive clickers into customers.

When they decide to buy something you’re offering they become your customers / clients / patients / passengers / subscribers / members etc.

You’ll learn dozens of ways to design web pages that keep visitors engaged and interested. I could say “secret ways” because very few people know how to do these things properly.

How much you sell will depend on the products you offer or the service you are providing and how diligently you apply the information in this training course.

If you’re offering a quality product or service which a reasonably large number of people want, I guarantee the techniques in this training course will increase your sales way past whatever you’ve been getting up to now. Yes, my guarantee promises that.

The strategies outlined in this training course are explained in simple language and you’ll notice I get straight to the point. I’ve kept jargon to the minimum. Besides, once you understand certain terms it won’t be strange jargon any longer.

Caution: Because the training gives links to a variety of other people’s websites (as good or bad examples etc) the risk is you will get distracted and spend too much time on side issues.
Please keep your focus on your main objective – which is to build a website that sells your products and services.

The sooner you complete this training, the sooner your website will make money for you.
This is not a manual you read once and then put on the shelf to gather dust. I recommend you refer to your training modules time and again over the coming weeks, months and years.

It’s mind-blowing how the Internet has revolutionised the business world in the past decade. Remember, your worldwide customers and clients are just a click away.

If you make and sell e-products, delivery is instantaneous and freight is free. That’s part of this exciting revolution. I do ebusiness myself and I’ll share my knowledge with you.

The joint authors and your trainers are: Chris Mole and Brian Morris. We have created this training course together.

* * * * *

Chris Mole

Chris Mole

Chris Mole lives in Christchurch.
I began my journalism career in the 1980s when there were no personal computers and no Internet. It wasn’t until 2001 that I began to grasp the enormous power of this new Internet thing as a marketing tool.
I wrote a weekly newsletter called Richard Prebble’s Letter From Wellington, which went to 30,000 subscribers by email. No one else was doing anything like this – electronic newsletters! (That was five years before candidate Obama used the same technique.)

In 2003 I built my first website. I was immediately hooked by the powerful combination of the Internet and the written word as a means of marketing and selling. I became an Internet marketing junkie. I subscribed to the newsletters of all the top American Internet marketers and devoured all their ideas on copywriting and marketing.

Success Rule 1: You need to provide a quality product or service to a market that wants it, at a price they’re willing to pay.
What makes the Internet so exciting is that it opens up a huge potential worldwide marketing opportunity which simply didn’t exist ten years ago.

Today I create websites for clients through my own business. My clients include some older-age-group business people who struggle to understand the Internet. That’s why I have learned how to explain complicated jargon in simple layman’s English. You’ll have no trouble following this training course.
* * * * *

Brian Morris lives in Auckland.
My 40 year career in marketing began with small advertising agencies in Christchurch, Sydney, Melbourne, London and Auckland.
I’d learned quite a bit from some great teachers and I felt obligated to share what I knew with entrepreneurs who were keen to learn.



In 1991,  I founded New Zealand Institute of Business Studies as the ideal way to teach all kinds of writing, journalism, photography and Internet marketing techniques by distance learning correspondence courses. The Institute is regarded as a leading private education establishment, with students worldwide.
I’m the author of 30+ successful ebooks, all selling on

With Chris Mole and Brian Morris guiding your efforts, you’ll be in experienced and safe hands.
* * * * *

The “I” who leads you through this training is a combination of our joint experiences. Our objective is to help you create your own websites, blogs, ebooks and whatever else it takes so you can sell stuff on the Internet to delighted clients all over the world.

This training course is thorough, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out some books, websites, webinars and other learning opportunities as we move forward. You don’t have to buy them, but you should know they exist.

There’s an interesting book by Jason Jennings: It’s Not the Big That Eat the Small … It’s the Fast That Eat the Slow. He explains how to use speed and being small as a competitive advantage tool in business.

In many categories, New Zealand (my country) leads the world. But on the Internet we all learn from experts wherever we find them.
You’ll be glad you found me. I can show you how to set up a website and how to convert inquisitive visitors into customers.
Click HERE if you’d like to ENROL now.

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One of the great benefits of Internet marketing is this: everything you do is measurable.
On the Internet you can track and measure the results of pretty much everything you do.
That’s why I can guarantee your website/s will bring you a steady stream of customers. You’ll know where they came from, which messages they responded to, how long they stayed looking around your website, and how much they spent buying your stuff.

That is dynamite information. Here’s why: whatever works (ie when you make a sale) can be repeated over and over and over . . .

Before we go further I want to make one important point. There is a belief among many small business owners that all they need to do is put up a website and somehow, magically, people will start visiting the site and inquisitive visitors will turn into customers. This simply isn’t true.

Look, it’s easy to build a website. I could build one in ten minutes using templates. That’s where you pop your words and pictures into the blank spaces and click the EASY button.

I’ve put up multi-page websites which took me ten minutes. There are hundreds of website designers around the world offering to do this for you for a bowl of rice as full payment.
Most of these website makers will build you a reasonable-looking site that is technically sound. It’ll have your words and your pictures.
“Vot more you vont, effendi?”
“Lots more, actually. I want it to make money for me!”

Most business owners find, usually after a while, that their new template website is not getting many visitors and it is not bringing in the steady stream of new leads and sales they imagined. So far everything they’ve done is a COST, not a financial benefit.

The truth is, you need to work at marketing your website so it brings you traffic.
Then your website needs to convert those visitors into buyers.

Those two steps are the whole reason why this training course exists.  You need to know how to turn inquisitive visitor clicks into buyers.

By the time you graduate – and YOU decide whether you need 5, 10, 15 or 20 weeks – I promise you will have a website that SELLS your products and services to customers all over the world.

* * * * *

Join in the NZIBS Student Discussion Board as a contributor. Use all the services offered by the Institute. Enjoy the journey we’re on together.