Next training course starts 8 AUGUST 2022 and we are taking enrolments now for all courses!

As we learn about things like ‘twilight industries’, ‘redundancy’ and ‘downsizing’ we feel the need to refresh ourselves. We can re-train for an exciting new career. Sometimes we find we took the wrong path in LIFE, for whatever reason. If we are lucky we can make a fresh start. Maybe follow a favourite interest or hobby we have neglected.

For over 30 years our Institute has given thousands of people the opportunity to make a fresh start in life.

Some people re-train to replace work which has left them feeling like a beached whale. Earning an income after age 50 or 60 can be difficult. But when the quality of what you DO – rather than your age – is the criterion, you’ll approach each day with a smile again. Others take up a neglected interest from their ‘bucket list’. Yes, there are risks in starting any new venture, but a friendly mentor who shows you the HOW, removes most of the risks. Read the testimonials by students who decided “I regret” and “If only …” is not for them.

You can make today the beginning of an exciting new adventure.

Welcome to the Institute.